Saturday, April 11, 2015

Awesome Everglades

Another awesome sunrise !

And an awesome day of fishing that followed! Over the last week or so the fishing has really turned on, especially fishing for snook. Fishing with both spin and fly gear have been very productive. With the waters really beginning to warm up the fishing is following. There also has been a few tarpon hookups with customers recently but no one actually has been able to boat one, par for the course fishing for them especially for those that have never hooked up to one of these crazy fish. They can also be real fussy eaters sometimes but that is a day to day thing and with the few hookups the backwater tarpon bite should only get better as we move into our warmer months.    

The past month or so has been kind of like a roller coaster ride with some great days and some slow days of fishing. Spending so much time over the years fishing this area it's crazy how some days can still be so unpredictable. I've been fairly busy with trips and I've enjoyed fishing and showing many this western area of The Everglades this season. As we move towards summer typically my charters will slow down but as usual the fishing will only get better. I have many openings over the next couple of months so if you will be in the area and may be interested in seeing and kayak fishing this area, especially for snook and tarpon, please look me up.  

Friday, February 13, 2015

Everglades Changing

With more of our typical winter weather like conditions arriving here finally in The Everglades over the last week I'm hoping that the fishing conditions follows suit with more normal winter patterns.
We have been having a blast catching some of our local game species (especially snook and reds) with some banner days!, but I am still looking for more larger snook to show up in the back country along with more juvenile tarpon.


There is almost nothing more exciting than an early morning top water bite to get the adrenaline flowing !   

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Triumph in The Everglades

Beginning before the holidays, the saga continues with staying fairly busy doing trips. Along with taking out some of my regular winter customers I've also had the opportunity to show and kayak fish The Everglades with some that have never fished the area before. I'm quite sure some of them will also be returning in the future for more.
I believe I mentioned in my last posting how it seems we have had many more warmer days this winter than usual with only a couple of short lived cold fronts coming through. Being busy this time of year and the ever changing weather has called for making some quick decisions as to where to go to find fish and where to catch certain species that customers had wanted to catch. For the most part I believe it's been a fairly successful year so far. Some days the fishing has been tough while other days it has been going off with catching some really nice fish. Some have had very triumphant days while some others have missed some nice opportunities for all of those crazy reasons. 

John G from The San Francisco area with his first Everglades Tarpon (caught with his 6wt)

Phil taking the Snook off of his bucket list

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Temperamental Everglades

For the recent past this has been an unseasonably warm winter season, even with having a couple of strong cold fronts that have come through we have had many days into the eighties. I'm sure that sounds great for the many northern followers but it appears to me the fish hadn't really been following their normal winter patterns, especially in the backcountry, and the fishing has been up and down. It's been very challenging fishing many days recently. That is up until now. After a very busy last couple of weeks doing trips I had a chance yesterday to get out by myself to fish the latest coldfront and check things out and conditions appear to be much better and back to more normal with a banner day of finding some nice fish! This area of The Everglades is very temperamental and it's a daily event of deciphering the conditions for finding the fish.

Below are random photos of some of my most recent trips.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Everglades Holiday Fishing

As I look back over the last year I can only feel blessed to be able to do what I do and live here in the Everglades. Sometimes I can tend to take it for granted and then I'll take someone out thats never experienced The Everglades and see their expressions and listen to their comments and it all comes back into perspective.

Happy Holidays everyone !  

Even though I've caught a few nice fish and had some some good reports recently from others the bite has been tough on a couple of recent trips. There have been a couple of cold fronts come through (another will be here tomorrow) and water temps have dropped and the winds seem to have been nonstop. Those fishing for sea trout and sheepshead in the bay and outside islands have been catching a lot of good size fish, along with some pompano, some whiting and sand trout. I've been mainly concentrating on the backwaters catching a lot of midsize snook although I've seen a few monsters. Juvenile tarpon have been scarce but that could change any day. On the last couple of trips we've also caught a few nice redfish along with big jacks which are always fun to catch. 

Steve B with a nice redfish he caught on a recent tough day trip.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Everglades Changes

As winter weather sets in throughout much of the country there are some changes happening here now through the Everglades. I've heard reports of water temperatures down to around 70 and that to me means fish will begin the move to their winter homes. I expect to find more snook and juvenile tarpon moving into many backcountry areas where it will stay somewhat warmer. Although we have had a couple of strong cold fronts move through the area over the last week or so I've had good reports of some very nice size snook and redfish being caught in the bay and outer islands. The trout are back also and I've talked to a few that have caught some nice pompano.  Reports of larger tarpon being caught in the area have pretty much dropped off as most fish will migrate south for the winter.

The excitement of catching a big snook on fly in The Everglades has been the catch of a lifetime for many that have kayak fished with me. 

A nice dinner sized by-catch mangrove snapper caught while fishing for redfish in the bay.

I've been catching many smaller tarpon up in the backcountry but I expect some larger fish up to around 25 lbs to move into some of my fishing areas soon. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Everglades Transition

Surrounding most of the areas I kayak fish here in the Everglades are large prairie type lands. Much of this land is very wet during the warmer months and while the water table is still very high I decided to take a detour on the way to one of my fishing holes and was able to actually paddle out across the prairie. It was real pretty out there and kind of surreal in it's own way being around a mile from any main body of water that I would normally access. I didn't see much wildlife that day other than birds but there were fish and I actually spooked a couple of larger snook that were hiding in the grass.    

I've been getting out kayak fishing in the backcountry as much as possible trying to stay on top of things for upcoming trips. We're beginning our transition into the cooler months and as unpredictable as the Everglades can be I want to see my customers catch a few nice fish. Conditions are constantly changing but on my last couple of outings I have produced a few decent snook like the one above I caught the other day along with a ton of smaller tarpon.   

I had a request from Paul C from Salt Lake who has fished with me a few times in the past to fish at night under the full moon up in the backcountry. I was a little skeptical at first to do it but it turned out to be a blast. It was not for the feeble minded going in through the mangrove tunnels at night. The fishing wasn't as spectacular as we had hoped and the bugs were brutal at times but we still had a great time. This is Paul with a nice snook that he caught.    

Baby Tarpoons