Tuesday, June 30, 2009

E Creek again

Plans to fish Chokoloskee bay were scrubbed because of the storms around today. To stay out of the wind I thought I would fish for a couple of hours going back to the East creek. I decided to fish a different area from the last time being there as to not put pressure on the same fish. The area is to fragile and I don't want to overfish it. After arriving at my spot I hooked up a few times and then finally hooked and landed a nice Tarpon. A problem again today were the alligators. Everytime I hooked up with a fish the gators were right on top of me. I never lost a fish to the gators but the whole time I was looking over my shoulder for them at the same time watching the sky for incoming storms. I had to paddle away from a gator while hooked up a couple of times, kinda crazy. I ended up catching one tarpon out of the few I hooked up with and caught a few nice snook. After about 2 hours I had enough dealing with the lizards and decided to call it for the day.
I think I may possibly have seen a python in the mangroves by the water but it disappeared into the water when I closed in on it.
Note: (7/6) I tryed to do a little research on how or why some of the alligators there are acting and all I could come up with is somebody is or was feeding them ( possibly fish that were caught?) I know it's just at or after mating season. If somebody has a another possible reason I would love to hear what it may be. I recommend staying away from this area for now.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I changed my plans and decided to fish some oyster bars near sandfly pass this morning. It's not that far of a paddle should the storms that were predicted for late morning came (they never did). I was looking for reds today but could only find and catch a few snook and some jacks, which was not a bad thing. A couple of the snook were over 30" both of which put up a good fight.

Friday, June 26, 2009

E Creek solo

Fished early till late morning. It was a banner day for snook, catching over two dozen, two around thirty inches. Had to cut the line on a much larger snook before a gator got to it. The gators would not leave me alone, there were a couple of them that kept following me around. Maybe somebody was feeding them? The tarpon were feeding but couldn't persuade them to eat what I had to offer. Tryed a couple different flys, plugs and plastics to no avail. The weather was awesome and no bugs today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Choko (Pass)

Launching early taking one of the back ways out to Chokoloskee Pass to the gulf. Ride the outgoing tide out and ride the incoming back. That plan worked well but the major storms from the previous night really messed up the water color to mostly mud brown. There was a lot of casting practice today with only a few fish being caught. There actually were a lot of Tarpon in the pass rolling, mostly juveniles but never could get them to eat our artficials. A couple of snook were lost for various reasons. Even though the catching wasn't great it was still an awsome day out there.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tarpon Country

Went to an area today that produces some nice fish at times up around Goodland. Tarpon are there sometimes along with snook and reds. It's still very hot out so it was to be an early launch just after 6am and fish till late morning. We went directly to a spot that usually holds snook and it didn't disappoint. After a couple of snook I hook up with a perfect size tarpon to catch out of a kayak (25/30lbs) and have a nice fight on my hands. After maybe 10 minutes I land the fish, took a couple of pics and released him. After that nice catch, tarpon seemed to be rolling all around us and not long after Mike hooks up with one around the same size and catches his first tarpon! After getting a nice sleigh ride around the area he landed his prize fish. Venturing around after releasing that fish a few more snook were caught. I had a large one around 36" throw the hook at the boat. Winds picked up and the tide changed so we called it around 11.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Fished the Goodland area again today launching early.There have been snook and tarpon around the last couple of times there. Starting early I picked up one decent snook. The tarpon mostly had lockjaw with a couple of hits. Juveniles and some larger fish were around. Once the sun was up the bite pretty much died. The tide was high incoming and the snook moved way back in the mangroves taunting us as they were unreachable where they were feeding. Bugs were bad at times and it was very warm again. We were loaded up and on our way before noon.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

E Creek

Not sure if it was the best choice, but I hadn’t fished the  creek in awhile and decided to check it out today. Along with fellow angler Mike Loden we launched early around sunrise. It was already 80 degrees out. There was quite a bit of activity in the first lake with Tarpon (and snook) feeding on schools of mullet. We couldn't get any of the tarpon interested in any of our offerings but did manage to catch around a half dozen snook. By mid morning the bite was over. We went and explored Long Lake for awhile and after making our way back called it quits around 11. Other than being very hot it was nice and calm, the rookery is still going strong and lots of gators.
It's nice to see that the park has posted it as a canoe launch hopefully to keep some people out of there launching motorized boats. The area is just to small and fragile. The problem now may be with adding the signs it's going to attract more people. Time will tell.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I have spent a tremendous amount of time here in the Everglades over the last few years kayak fishing and exploring this wilderness in Everglades National Park and surrounding areas. In the future I will be using this blog spot as sort of a log where I will be posting reports and photos of my trips. Stay tuned and check back often!