Tuesday, June 30, 2009

E Creek again

Plans to fish Chokoloskee bay were scrubbed because of the storms around today. To stay out of the wind I thought I would fish for a couple of hours going back to the East creek. I decided to fish a different area from the last time being there as to not put pressure on the same fish. The area is to fragile and I don't want to overfish it. After arriving at my spot I hooked up a few times and then finally hooked and landed a nice Tarpon. A problem again today were the alligators. Everytime I hooked up with a fish the gators were right on top of me. I never lost a fish to the gators but the whole time I was looking over my shoulder for them at the same time watching the sky for incoming storms. I had to paddle away from a gator while hooked up a couple of times, kinda crazy. I ended up catching one tarpon out of the few I hooked up with and caught a few nice snook. After about 2 hours I had enough dealing with the lizards and decided to call it for the day.
I think I may possibly have seen a python in the mangroves by the water but it disappeared into the water when I closed in on it.
Note: (7/6) I tryed to do a little research on how or why some of the alligators there are acting and all I could come up with is somebody is or was feeding them ( possibly fish that were caught?) I know it's just at or after mating season. If somebody has a another possible reason I would love to hear what it may be. I recommend staying away from this area for now.

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