Tuesday, June 16, 2009

E Creek

Not sure if it was the best choice, but I hadn’t fished the  creek in awhile and decided to check it out today. Along with fellow angler Mike Loden we launched early around sunrise. It was already 80 degrees out. There was quite a bit of activity in the first lake with Tarpon (and snook) feeding on schools of mullet. We couldn't get any of the tarpon interested in any of our offerings but did manage to catch around a half dozen snook. By mid morning the bite was over. We went and explored Long Lake for awhile and after making our way back called it quits around 11. Other than being very hot it was nice and calm, the rookery is still going strong and lots of gators.
It's nice to see that the park has posted it as a canoe launch hopefully to keep some people out of there launching motorized boats. The area is just to small and fragile. The problem now may be with adding the signs it's going to attract more people. Time will tell.

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