Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chokoloskee Bay Area 2

Deciding on where to go today, I quickly convinced myself to go back to where I fished the other day and lost that big snook. Launched early again to fish the incoming and the beginning of the outgoing at mid morning. I wanted to play with some other topwater plugs today and used a large skitterwalk (silver/black) and a silver mirromullet. The skitterwalk turned out to be the ticket today and caught some reds with it. They weren't great in size but all of them put up a good fight. Three were rat reds around 18 to 20" and two were a little larger around 24". Also caught a blue fish on the skitterwalk. Still using the topwater after the tide changed I had a large jack that weighed 9lbs hit and fowl hook himself in the head, it took awhile and it was a workout to get him in. I also caught a couple of smaller jacks and ladyfish but no snook today.

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