Friday, August 7, 2009

Bahia Honda

I had made reservations a few months ago to camp at Bahia Honda State Park for this week down in the keys. I wanted to do some exploring for future bookings. It was a solo trip. I do between 10 and 15 kayak fishing camping trips here in ENP each winter and want to expand my range of trips to offer. Like a lot of the keys this area offers various types of terrain to fish and explore, grass flats, reefs and deep water are within a reasonable paddle, that is, when the weather cooperates. The park is very nice with good amenities and easy boat launch area. It is a snorkeler’s paradise. I guess I ‘m somewhat spoiled with camping most all the time in the national park and camping here was what I would call “Urban” camping. A characteristic of the keys is the wind blows often as it did on this trip and it kept me away from the ocean side of the island. I spent most of my time exploring the gulf (Florida Bay) side which was awesome for kayaking. I found myself kayaking a couple of miles from any place to launch which kept me fairly isolated from the general public. I basically stayed in an area that had a mangrove shoreline with a beautiful submerged beach surrounded by grass flats. In the crystal clear water there were constantly loggerhead turtles swimming around me. As for fishing I caught my share of barracuda and other reef fish but bonefish and permit were nowhere to be found, at least when I was there. Probably the full moon and the tide when I was fishing had something to do with it also the very warm temperatures. I had a couple of nice hookups of juvenile tarpon on fly in some deeper water near the marina early in the morning. These were resident tarpon and I’m sure people fish for them constantly there. I threw everything in my arsenal at them with spinning gear and was only successful when I switched over to the fly rod.
Bahia State Park is a beautiful place and defiantly has potential. I’m not so sure about camping there again but they do offer cabins which I’m going to look into. As time permits I’m going to go back and explore more when we start to get into our cooler months.


  1. That is a cool report Rich. The fishing is tough down there from a kayak..a lot of water to cover. Still a great place to kick back.

  2. Rich

    Great blog my friend. Excellent photos. Boy when you have a boat the photos are 10 times better. I just finished my Bahia Honda blog, but this one is definitely better. Take care. All the best.