Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Choko Maze

I was thinking of taking a trip today and go up to Matlacha to fish but because of the possible weather coming through instead decided to fish here in Chokoloskee. After the rains stopped here around 7:30 I launched and headed out to ride the tide towards the gulf through the maze of islands between here and the gulf and ride it back in when it changed. I'd have some protection should any storm come by. Fishing was slow and didn't see much for baitfish around, the water was real muddy. I didn't find any fish until finally getting back to the bay and in some current I caught around a 20" red on a MF jighead with a chartreuse DOA shadtail. After loosing another red a little larger I caught one nice 26" snook. I came back in around 2.

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