Friday, August 21, 2009

Demijohn Key

Today I decided to drift fish with the outgoing tide out Chokoloskee Pass and ending up around an area near Demijohn Key, a barrier island about a four mile paddle from Choko. On the way I went by a few tarpon rolling but no takers. Where I ended up they were rolling over a large area, some juveniles,and some a lot larger upwards to maybe around 80lbs. I had brought a heavier setup but not heavy enough for some of these fish and I only had 40lb leader. I tryed to concentrate on the smaller fish but somehow twice hooking up with bigger fish. One fish I got three jumps out of when he broke off, the other, one jump. Pretty exciting even with loosing a couple of Mirro-lure plugs.

After the tide changed I decided to concentrate working along shorelines for reds and snook and start my way back. I was basically sight fishing making blind casts as I drifted, ending up with catching one red blind casting and another sight fished. After making a long cast I spot two reds together foraging about 10 feet away from my kayak but somehow was able to get my lure back and drag it by them before they spooked. They both attacked it and fought over it. Pretty cool! As I had the one hooked up the other stayed with it for almost the whole fight. Both reds today were caught with Rapala Twitchin'raps and both were around 27".

Noseeums were bad early and later it was very hot out there. A slight breeze helped . I made it back around 2.

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