Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sandfly Pass Area

I launched from the ENP kayak launch early. It's over a mile paddle to get across to an area I like to fish near Sandfly Pass. Since there aren't many boaters around this time of year it was a real nice paddle before sunrise. I made it across about fifteen minutes before sunup. Other than no boats around there also were no bugs which was nice for a change because they have been pretty damn bad this summer. My plan was to fish the early outgoing tide around some oyster bars with some deep cuts around them. Fishing with topwaters it was slow for the first hour or so until I picked up my first decent snook. Schools of mullet and other bait fish were getting slammed by feeding fish but they didn't seem to want my zara spook until after almost another hour I finally connect with a nice red. He hit and missed a couple of times until finally hooking up. After a nice fight I had a 9lb, 29" fish. After, I fished with a Twitchin'rap and ended up with a couple more snook still averaging around 24". I headed back around 10:30 before the tide got to low which could be a problem around the launch which is all mud.

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