Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Chokoloskee Bay

After a day off from fishing every day straight for over a week I was again ready to go back out and check out the bay to see if any thing was going on. With my usual early start I was fishing by 6:30. Out on the oyster bars, in my first few casts I caught one nice red and had a couple of nice hits using topwater plugs, nice! I then catch a decent size snook when along comes this old timer kayaker fisherman who proceeds to come by me and starts talking telling me fish stories, his life story,bla,bla,bla. Trying not to be rude I kind of ignored him until he moved on. Getting back to fishing I start catching some jacks and another snook when this same guy is yelling from a good distance if I had a camera to take a picture of a fish he had just caught. I couldn't help but to totaly ignore him this time, but a passing boat saw him with the fish and proceeds to go over and start fishing by him. Whats up with this!? A short time passes I'm hooked up again with a snook and before I know it I have a shark after my fish. The shark went ballistic going after my fish... After regaining my composure guess who motors over to me to ask me what I caught and proceeds to anchor by me and start fishing. What the hell! And this day started out so great. I've had this happen in the past but here it's not real common to even see other people fishing this area. Anyway I'll have to remind myself and resist the urge to fish this area during the weekends. Time to paddle a little further to get to some of my more isolated spots. Soon the season will be here and I'll be back at doing my camping and fishing trips in the more remote areas of the park, I can't wait!

Ended up today with a few nice fish. A red, a few snook, countless jacks and even a couple of trout.

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