Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09-09-09 29 & 41

For something a little different this morning I went and explored and fished in a couple of canals that run along Rt 41 and 29. Bugs weren't too bad and the gators stayed away. Fishing was slow for the first hour or so until I finally hooked up and caught my first snook of the morning. A keeper size at 28". Traditionaly I let my first legal fish in season go free and so I did. I'm not sure about eating a fish from these dark waters anyway, but the next one will be going in the frying pan. I caught a couple more smaller snook after. Fishing along one shore line I started getting smaller bites which I thought were either gar or maybe cichlids and it turned out they were baby tarpon from maybe 12 to 16" I couldn't get them to stay on the hook but it was pretty cool to see these little guys.

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