Friday, September 4, 2009

9/4 Choko

After the threat of a storm came through early this morning I was back out to check out an area in the bay where I can usually find fish. It's been tough fishing the last few days here in the bay. I got to my first stop just before sunrise. On the way I saw lots of bait fish and mullet around and was surprised to see a couple of tarpon roll. I had a good feeling about this only to be skunked with only a couple of hits on the topwater. I moved on and made my way to my next stop and first cast I catch the first fish of the day, a small snook. Next cast another fish, things are looking up and after a half hour or so I caught over a dozen fish. They were mostly all the same "cookie cutter" size snook around 20", the biggest 24". A lot of fun to have some action and catching but I was still on the hunt for a bigger fish. I know the old fisherman's rule "Don't leave fish to find fish" but I had to check out one more spot to try and find that slot size fish. I made my way only to pick up two more of the same size snook. Late morning I decided to head back, the tide was slowing down and it got very warm out. I caught one more fish on the way back to end the day. The big snook continues to elude me.

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