Thursday, September 24, 2009

Choko 9/24

After yesterday catching all those snook I found myself back out kayak fishing again. Rather than go out from the park launch I decided to go out from Chokoloskee where I live. I know similar areas around here where the terrain is about the same. Again the day started slow throwing the topwater but after awhile I start having some action catching a few trout and snook in some current flowing out around some small mangrove islands. A couple of times I see bigger fish creating a bigger wake following my topwater plug and then twice I hook up but the fish throws the plug back. I couldn't believe it and this happened twice! I thought I blew my last chance for a nice fish today when I have another big fish follow my plug, it hits and misses, I stop retrieving and then after a few seconds retrieve again and it attacks again, this time she hooks up. After a good fight I catch a nice snook at over 34", 9lbs! Very exciting!
With the sun up the bite slowed down but ended up with a couple more average size snook to finish the morning.

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