Sunday, September 27, 2009

Huston River

Today I did a Yak-Attack trip with a group of five anglers, three separate party's. I had Bruce transport us down to an area around the Huston River, a beautiful area that offers an opportunity to fish in a variety of different situations. Creek mouths and flats, deeper water in the gulf to oyster bars for wade fishing and also to take a break. It was very warm out today and the water temps were also, over 90 degrees.The catch ratio was down today but a few nice fish were caught. It wasn't because the fish weren't there but they were very picky. I have never seen so many large schools of bait fish and the dolphins took advantage of this who plagued the area most of the morning with their feeding frenzy's.

Highlights of the trip were Jean the only female angler on the trip put the guys to shame catching the nicest redfish and then Barry wade fishing hooked up to a sawfish he estimated to be around 60lbs. He never got it in which was probably for the best but just to see an impressive fish as this is a rare opportunity.

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