Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sandfly 9/23

I launched out of the ENP launch this morning early to fish some spots around Sandfly pass. The tides dictated that I would have to get back to the launch by mid-morning or else I would have to portage my boat through the mud to get back in. I've been pretty successful fishing this area and also it's usually isolated which I like because of it being to shallow for motor boats most times. Early topwater action was slow but I caught a good size bluefish which was a surprise and put up a good fight. Moving around I started getting into the snook, and as the tide flow increased so did the bite. For awhile it was a fish on with every cast. I think I caught over two dozen snook at one spot. I'm not sure how many snook I caught total today. None of the snook were over 24" but it was fun ! Other fish caught today were a couple jacks, snapper and a small shark.
You can tell the fall season is here with spotting a few different species of migratory birds today.

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