Thursday, October 22, 2009

10/21 E Creek

With the windy conditions expected for today I decided to go over and do some fly fishing in the E Creek up off of 41. The area always has sheltered spots to fish on these types of days. I fished with my 8wt in the hopes of locating some small tarpon. It was very quiet for the majority of the day, no birds around and never could find the tarpon. What I did find were some nice Mayan Cichlids and a couple of small snook which were fun and kept the boredom down.
On the way back I ran into kind of a local legend, Don Robb, an old timer fly fisherman who always fishes out of a canoe who has traveled around the globe fly fishing. After an hour or so of talking with him and listening to some of his stories we parted and headed out. I’ve been in some very isolated areas in the back country thinking I’m by myself only to unexpectedly run into Don fishing.

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