Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Choko 10/13

Kayak fished the bay this morning with Mike for a few hours. Finally had an incoming tide early and was hoping that there would be a good bite early. Well, it wasn't exactly going off but did end up catching a few fish. Throwing my topwaters as I usually do early I picked up a couple of jacks and a couple of trout around 18" (dinner for tonight). As the water level came up I switched to my trusty old Storm swimbaits and picked up a decent snook. Mike moved on to fish the mangroves and I stuck it out around some oyster bars. I ended up catching a couple more snook, one of them just short of being in the slot. Fishing some mangroves on my way back I picked up a couple of snappers. Called it a day around 11 when the tide was way up and it got really hot out.

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