Friday, October 23, 2009

Choko 10/23

With an early start I headed out to fish some oyster bars in the bay to try and find some snook and reds. Before sunrise I had some larger tarpon rolling around me within yards of my boat. I was tempted but didn't make a cast since I didn't have heavy enough gear to handle these fish should I have hooked up. I moved on and fished around some of the oyster bars. Today I was fishing primarily with top waters. Hoping for a nice snook I started catching some smaller one's and then catching a few nice size jacks that averaged around 6lbs. A lot of fun but nothing like a big snook. I made my way to another area to where I can usually find fish and picked up a few more average size snook, another jack and a nice red, 24" a nice size for dinner tonight !

It was late morning and I made my way back as the tide was just about out. On the way I ran into another fellow kayak fisherman Steve (I Fishhead). We met and chatted awhile, he had himself a nice red fish also. It appears the reds are back !

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