Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chokoloskee, Oyster Bars

Saturday was a great day despite the heat. I kayak fished with Mike Pilton from Boynton Beach who never fished here and needed a guide to show him around the area alittle. With an early start we worked oyster bays in Chokoloskee bay looking for snook and redfish finding and catching a few snook but no reds. As the tide went out and the day progressed we fished a large area in the bay. Along with the snook we caught some snapper as we explored and although spotting some reds in a small cove (which had been scarce in the bay) only for them to spook and disappear in the very shallow water we were in. As the tide slowed we made it back to one of my areas that often holds trout. After catching a couple of them the tide turned and before long it was almost a fish on every cast. The excitement lasted for quite awhile before it was time to make our way back. On the way Mike caught one more snook to finish the day.

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