Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hidden Lake and Choko

The past few days have been very warm into the mid-ninety's. I went out twice during the week. Tuesday I paddled to Hidden Lake off of the East creek, a couple mile paddle through mangrove tunnels and other smaller lakes. I fished my way there with not much luck. The water was kind of high and not really moving. With the water high there were not many birds either. I fished the lake and started catching baby snook. The lake seemed to be full of them and on some casts the small snook were like piranhas attacking my soft plastics. They were fun to catch but I wish I had my fly rod with me. It was a nice trip with the tunnels pretty much free of debris for passage through them.

Thursday I fished the bay early for a couple of hours before it got too warm. On an outgoing tide I fished around the oysters. It was very quiet out there with only a couple follows using topwaters. Later I fished deeper holes and was able to catch a few trout up to around 18" on swim baits. I came back in around 10.

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