Monday, October 26, 2009

10/26 Choko

Went out early in the bay for a couple of hours and headed north to check out a couple of my fishing spots. I spotted a couple of tarpon rolling early. Maybe later in the week I’ll get out there and try and target them. Getting to some oyster bars I caught a couple of trout and small snook on a top water plug. The trout were a good size one 20 and the other 18”. I threw a fly for awhile and on a bad cast I had a big fish hook up but I was entangled in my fly line and the fish was gone. After I caught a Rat red and a couple smaller snook. I called it a day in the late morning.

I took a picture of this large Great White Heron, different from a white Egret most noticeable by the leg color, Herons are yellow,Egrets are black. Found from central Florida south. Most common in the keys.

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