Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chokoloskee Morning

I launched into Chokolskee Bay a little before sunrise and headed into the mangroves to find a little protection from the rain. I fished a couple different spots and was getting a lot of hits using my zara spook jr. I caught a few trout, jacks and ladyfish. One trout was a nice size around 22”. I moved around fishing wherever I could find moving water along shorelines and oyster bars. I was looking for a redfish and had one hit from one and then shortly after get a nice strike and hook up with a beautiful snook. It took awhile to get her to the boat because she was hooked under her chin and wouldn’t tire easy. I also was using ten pound test braid so I couldn’t crank down on my drag to much. What seemed like a long time I finally got her to the boat. When I measured her she was longer than my measuring stick so I estimate she was between 37 and 38 inches. What a nice fish! After taking a break to regroup I continued to look for a redfish until it was raining so hard I had to head back. By the time I got back to my launch my Ultimate was almost half full of water. As soon as I got back around 10 the rain stopped.

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