Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cold Front

Since my last posting on the arrival of colder weather we’ve had a real cold front come through, Upper forties to fifty at night to seventies during the day with N/NE winds. Water temperatures have dropped considerably and I heard that in the bay they were down into the sixties.

Fishing the last couple of days around the bay and in the maze the changes were apparent. With the very low tides and fishing real early as I like to do it’s was tougher finding fish. I’ve managed a few snook but it wasn’t easy finding them (I’ve heard a couple of reports of some nice catches being made already up in the backcountry). Being the holiday weekend also hasn’t helped with more fishing boats out and found them in a few of my usual haunts. The only other fish caught worth mentioning were some nice size trout.

Today I fished Rich Watson from Seattle, WA, An avid sea kayaker who was interested in and wanted to give kayak fishing a try. Although he didn’t catch much he was a good student and did well in learning some of the techniques to fish around this area. If the conditions were better I'm sure he would have caught more fish.

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