Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 6 & 7

The windy conditions dictated that I head into the backcountry. Friday I headed to the East Creek up off 41 and paddled to the third lake which is around half way through towards Fackahatchee Bay. A fairly large lake where I have caught some nice fish a couple of times, mostly snook. Today I made my way around the lake and only found one area where there were some fish. Mostly snooklets with one fish that was around 20”. The mangrove tunnel to get there was real thick with spider webs so it’s probably been awhile since anybody has been back there.

Saturday with higher winds predicted again I picked out an area in Big Cypress to explore in the Rt 29 and 41 areas that looked interesting. I’m not sure but this could have been a canal created when limestone fill was needed when some area roads were built. Something I’ll have to look into it. On the way I hooked up with a tarpon near Rt 41and lost it after a couple of jumps. There were a lot of fish feeding but I wanted to get to the area I wanted to explore and moved on. When I got into this canal it was well overgrown and a lot of birds hunkered down to get out of the wind. There were hardwood trees along with palms covered in bromeliads and Spanish moss. It was tough to fish this area and from what I could see there were a lot of Gar fish. I followed the canal which circled around and joined a canal that bordered Rt 29. The last stretch along some sawgrass were different wild lilies and wildflowers. Defiantly a unique place and I’m going back soon again to explore more. It was now afternoon and the winds were howling as I made my way back to where I launched. I fished where I could picking up a couple of small snook along with a surprise catch, a lesser species of the common snook called the Fat Snook. The largest one I’ve ever caught around 22”. I don’t think they get much larger.

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  1. Looks great just ran into your site. Great trip looking over the site now.

    I been going to the Glades via Kayak some time myself. I do catch and release, but if a Red get hurt, and it size than I keep my one fish if it is size.

    Here are some of my trips I fish via Kayak, and Gheenoe.

    Thanks for the great read:
    Carlos AKA john Bob

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