Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8

With short notice I did a guided trip today with three guys staying in Naples for a work related conference. Again the winds were to blow hard again and I chose to fish the East creek where there is a lot of protection. Fish were caught but it was tough for them. They were fisherman but first timers’ fishing in kayaks and along with the wind it was pretty challenging for them (and very comical at times). One of them, Mike, fell out of his boat trying to fetch his jig out of the trees. Numerous mangrove trees were caught today. Actually they learned fairly quickly and they all caught fish, ending up with a few snook and some Mayan cichlids.

While showing these guys how I fish I got lucky and caught two snook, one about 22” and a nicer one at 32”. They got to see what getting dragged into the mangroves by a snook was all about.

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