Monday, December 21, 2009

50 Degrees

It was our coldest morning so far this year. Around 50 degrees, overcast and windy. Normally I would have passed on going out to kayak fish but had a request to take a person out who was traveling through and was dying to do some fishing and couldn't find anybody to take him out. Being here for just the one day I decided to take Allen who is from The Netherlands out for a few hours of kayak fly fishing. Being an experienced fly caster and with a couple of lessons of some techniques for fishing around here Allen was right at it. There was a very strong outgoing tide along with the wind it was tough going. Being from The Netherlands Allen was apparently somewhat accustomed to these conditions. Using a 6wt fishing mangroves and a couple of open areas Allen succeeded in catching himself some nice fish. Athough nothing caught was of great size or in no great numbers he caught a few sea trout, jacks, a lady fish and a gag grouper which with using his light gear the 6wt he had a blast. I was happy for him but even more happy to get off the water after around 7 hours in these crappy conditions.

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