Saturday, December 12, 2009

Alligator Bay

I had a group today of four people to kayak fish. We were shuttled over 20 miles down to a backwater area on the Wilderness Waterway called Alligator Bay which leads into Plate Creek. We spent the day fishing this bay for mainly snook. Being in this area is a good reminder of the remoteness and how wild Everglades National Park is. Working the shorelines there were some nice snook caught and two people were spanked by a couple of very large fish. Seeing people unexpectedly hooking up with a very large snook and trying to deal with it fishing out of a kayak can be quite a show and humorous to watch. Other than the snook a couple of reds were also caught along with some young trout. All the species were very golden in color from the tannin waters. A couple of tarpon were spotted rolling but nobody attempted to fish for them. I look foward to getting back and fish this area again soon.

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