Tuesday, December 29, 2009

E Creek Cool Down

It was around 40 or so degrees this morning. I planned on going to the E Creek today to see if anything was biting but hadn't really planned on the cold weather. The bay had a super low tide early so that was out. I knew the water would be up in the creek so I stuck to my plans. I brought my fly rod today and after launching I fished anywhere I could in the lee sides of the mangroves to stay out of the wind. The fishing was pretty slow but it gave me a chance to play around practicing a new roll cast I am learning. I had one snook hookup and lost it. Mid morning with the sun up it turned into a really nice day, even if it was still in the sixties. The place came alive with all kinds of birds and a couple of gators came out to warm up. Late morning I had fun trying to catch some baby snook that starting feeding along a couple of shorelines.

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