Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rain Day

The forecast called for winds and rain showers today so I decided to kayak fish in the back country in a couple of areas that are somewhat protected from the weather. Flying in for the weekend from Washington DC I fished with Keith who is with "Trout Unlimited" and Tim who is with "The National Wildlife Foundation". With a cold front that had just come through the fishing would be unpredictable.

Starting early we worked shorelines throwing fly's for snook and cichlids and Keith picked up his first snook on Fly. The fish were not very cooperative though. There were some feeding in the mangroves on small baits but we couldn't coax them out with throwing a variety of different flys. I was satisfied just watching Keith work his version of a roll cast into the mangroves that I hadn't seen before. A technique I will have to practice.

As we moved along to go into an intersecting creek the rain started. There were juvenile tarpon rolling throughout but they were real fussy. Keith got a couple of hits and I did also hooking up once only to have the fish throw the hook. The fish were not very aggressive and it was like they were playing with us. This continued for awhile as the rain picked up until it was a torrential downpour with lightning and thunder. After taking what shelter we could find till the rain slowed up we worked our way back and ended the day around 2.

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