Thursday, December 24, 2009

Turkey Key Dec 24

Today I did a trip and got us shuttled down to kayak fish around Turkey Key. Jared from Virginia was treating his father-in-law to do some everglades kayak fishing for Christmas. It was a nice day even with the weather not cooperating. The winds kicked our buts most of the day but the area we were in has a lot of places to hide along with a lot of good fishing spots. Jared was fly fishing and Sid was spin fishing. First thing we headed into one of the creeks where Jared got a couple of hookups with juvenile tarpon before we had to vacate the area due to the falling tide. The water was churned up and muddy but we did site fish some reds. Sid was the only one who boated one. Most of the fish had lock jaw. After, we fished some deeper areas and had a blast catching a ton of trout; speckled trout, silver trout, whiting, a baby red, one blue fish and a flounder. Jared lost a monster snook while site fishing on the flats. It was a great time today even with getting a little windburned.

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