Monday, January 25, 2010

Choko Sunday 1/24

After Saturday with decent weather and catching a bunch of fish I decided to go back out Sunday and Chris and Mike joined me. The plan was to fish the same general area and just go out and have a good time. As with winter weather, today was different than yesterday with winds picking up blowing from the southwest, another front would be coming through. After making our way across the bay we concentrated in sheltered areas site fishing mudflats and oyster bars looking for reds. Chris found one small school and had a couple of follows but no hookups. After the tide shifted to outgoing we moved on to a deeper area that I know usually holds trout and had fun catching them for awhile. After the bite stopped there we fished a couple of other areas and went back to where I was catching fish on Saturday only the winds were now howling and it was tough going fishing in the open. It was a good day even with just being able to catch some trout. Didn't see any snook and as far as the fish kill there were hardly any dead fish spotted in this area.

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