Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chokoloskee Bay 1/23

I launched early into the bay in a real thick fog. It was dead quiet paddling the mile and a half to get to some mud flats and oyster bars that I wanted to fish. Somehow I actually ended up where I had intended to go without being able to see anything on the way in the dark and fog. Of course again I had no expectations on the fishing because of the recent past. The water now is crystal clear so it was great for site fishing. There were bait fish around along with mullet and as soon as I saw something disturbing the bait I made a long cast and hookup and catch a red about 20". First cast and first fish, a nice way to start the day. The fishing was slow for awhile before the tide changed to outgoing but after that there was a lot of activity. No Snook but I caught another red and a ton of trout. All good sized trout 18" or more and one trout my largest caught here in the bay measured 26". Everything caught today was on a Zara Spook Jr topwater plug, even when fishing some deep holes, awesome! It was a nice morning with temperatures back to normal around 80 and the fish are back ! I'm heading back out there again tomorrow morning bringing Mike and Chris.

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