Monday, January 11, 2010

Everglades Cold Front

I'm thinking tomorrow will be the day to get back out and do a little kayaking out in the bay towards the gulf and see how the fishing is. There have been some fish kills reported in the area but I don't think it's nearly as bad as other parts of Florida. Had it been a drastic temperature drop there would have been a lot more fish (especially snook) trapped in shallow water as in years past and die but I think with the gradual drop in temperature,even though it got very cold, the fish had a chance to migrate and find places (deeper water, etc.) to survive. Time will tell.

I took a little trip yesterday and drove up Turner River Road to see if there was any damage from the recent cold weather and other than a little frost damage on the vegetation and some dead exotic fish the place was alive with activity. Taking advantage of the midday sun were tons of birds. I also saw some whitetail deer, a couple of snakes (no pythons) and turtles. The gators were piled up in some of the areas on the shorelines as they normally do in the winter sun.

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