Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goodland 1/21

I went up to Goodland today to see how conditions were since the cold spell. I headed into the back country to look for juvenile tarpon that hold up for the winter in a few deeper holes and also to see what other fish were around if any. I did a lot of paddling today but it was worth it. I did have one tarpon follow a plug in one spot then turn away which I was just glad to see one alive and the odds are there are more around that survived. I also saw a few reds together in a small cove that I couldn't get to eat but still nice to see. The fish of the day were trout. I caught a ton of them fishing in four different locations. One place was a fish on with every cast. Most of the fish were 14 to 16" and a couple around 18". So, I guess the best way to sum up the day is the fish are on the rebound and getting active again at least in that area. I spoke with two other guides fishing out of skiffs in and around the same areas and had basically the same story and caught only trout and a couple of ladyfish. As long as we don't get any extended cold weather again I don't think it will be that long before things are back to normal, other than snook fishing and maybe tarpon. In the morning I may head up towards Naples and see how fishing is there.

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