Monday, February 15, 2010

Choko Bay 2/15

With an early start I took advantage of the decent weather today with hardly any wind to kayak fish the bay and work my way out to the gulf. It turned out that I ended up spending most of the day in the bay with there being good signs of fish around. When I first got across the bay there was more bait fish around today than I have seen lately and there were fish feeding. As normal I fished a top water plug and caught two nice trout and had a nice red throw the hook after a short fight. After the tide was near dead low I switched over to using the fly rod hoping to site fish a red and spent a couple of hours working a couple of smaller coves only to have one opportunity on a fish who I ended up spooking. With the tide coming back in pretty fast now I paddled over to a deeper area I know and had fun catching trout on fly and caught one after another. I switched fly's a few times trying different patterns but it didn't seem to matter what I threw as long as they had some weight to get down towards the bottom with the current. Around 2 I headed back and fished around a couple of oyster bars that were still exposed and going back to a spinning rod I picked up a nice red throwing a small swim bait. A nice way to end the day! It looks like another cold front is going to come through so it may be a couple days before I can get out again, Hopefully not.

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