Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Experience

Many times I'm asked what it is like to camp or what it's like just to be out in the wilderness in the Everglades. After giving my best explanation of the experience one will only have a full understanding when they actually go out and experience it for themselves.

Charles Prier, a writer and journalist who was on a recent Kayak fishing and camping trip with me summed up his experience in his blog:

January 22, 2010 by priernet
I just experienced a great adventure. My son and I, along with two of his best friends went on a camping/fishing trip in the Florida Everglades. It was truly a unique experience. We were transported to a remote mangrove island about 25 miles out from Everglades City, Florida and left for two nights and three days with camping supplies, kayaks, and a guide. The solitude was remarkable; no radio (except one Cuban station I tuned to on my mp3 player), no TV, no cell phone.

I have often thought of, even wished for, some solitude; it was different than I imagined. Although we were well equipped, the thought of a catastrophe overwhelming our resources lingered in the back of my mind. I became very aware of the present; there were moments when I could feel every cell in my body, my emotions seemed far away. I was relaxed. One day, while the others were fishing far away in another direction. I set out in my kayak, paddling out of sight of the camp; for more than two hours I drifted and dabbled on the glassy water along jagged mangrove shores enjoying the blue sky and gentle warm breeze all by myself. A rare event I will long remember.

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