Friday, February 5, 2010

Goodland 2/4, Naples 2/5

Thursday was a nice day fishing even with the catching a little slow. There are some slow tides and it's been very windy. We circumnavigated a large area in Goodland where we were relatively protected from the winds and on our return trip the winds helped blow us back. Sometimes a plan like this works out.

Friday I ventured up to Naples and fished with Chris and Mike. With another front coming through we launched early and headed south to fish along the intercoastal waterway. We would keep working our way south until the 20 to 30mph winds predicted would blow us back. The plan actually worked again. We made it a couple of miles and had a chance to explore some creeks and small rivers before basicly getting blown back to the marina where we launched. It got a bit rough but still a good time.

Fish caught were a couple of snook, a back drum, snappers and lady fish.

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