Sunday, February 7, 2010

Indian Key Pass

I launched at the Everglades National Park launch early to beat the afternoon winds and headed north up the bay past Indian Key Pass to kayak fish the slow incoming tide. Fishing was slow in some areas I like to fish but picked up a couple of nice trout throwing a Zara Spook Jr. I moved around a lot throwing the topwater on one rod and also a swim bait on another instead of a jig so I could cover more ground faster. I picked up a trout here and there and then when fishing around an oyster bar I hooked up and caught a real nice red that was close to 29", Nice! He hit the swimbait in a deeper spot in some current. By mid morning the tide was rolling in and the winds were picking up so I fished spots where I could find shelter from the wind and again near an oyster bar I catch another red, this one around 26", another nice fish ! I worked my way back and ended the day still using the swim bait at my last stop catching a bunch of trout all averaging 18". After catching maybe a dozen or so I made my way back across the bay and was loaded up and on my way home by 1. It sure was nice to catch some decent size reds again!

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