Thursday, March 11, 2010

Backcountry Flyfishing 3/10

Spent a nice day kayak fishing bringing Auston an avid fly angler from Georgia to fish in the back country and look for tarpon and snook. The weather was awesome with a day finally in the eighties. We never did see a tarpon today but there were Snook around. The only problem was the water was fairly high and they were mostly back up inside the mangroves. Every now and then they would taunt us as we could here them going after bait fish or whatever. So close yet so far. There was no way to get a fly in there but with a lot of persistence Auston did manage to catch himself a couple of them.

As the day warmed up the gators came out. We were checking out one area where I knew there were usually one or two hanging out but today we found ourselves basically surrounded by them and they were all larger lizards at the least eight foot long. A highlight of this was a large gator swimming towards Auston with a big turtle in it's mouth not realizing Auston was there until the last second....

Some birds around today that I saw were some swallow tail kites again along with a small flock of glossy ibises and some spoonbills.

3/13 Update : Auston came back with me to where we fished the other day for a couple of hours and he finally was able to get his first Tarpon on fly, somewhere between 10 and 15 lbs. It spit the hook as he grabbed his leader but still an awsome catch. Congratulations Auston!

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