Monday, March 15, 2010

Chokoloskee 3/15

The winds lately have been making it real tough to kayak and get to areas in and near the bay I like to fish. Today the forecast called for it to be very windy again but early this morning it was fairly calm so I took advantage of the conditions and launched at the ranger station and crossed the bay before the sun rose. As I got to the area I wanted to check out the tide was still going out and I saw a bit of activity. I started throwing a zara spook topwater plug and almost immediately hooked up and caught a nice trout around 20” which would be the largest trout of the day. I caught a few more trout all a nice size around 18” before I hooked up with a bigger fish. I couldn't tell what it was till I saw the spot. It was a nice Redfish, a fat 27” fish that weighed over nine pounds. That one fish made the day. After, as the tide slowed I poled around trying to do some site fishing but the winds were starting to pick up so I decided to fish a couple of deeper areas and fish for some trout to bring home for dinner. The tide changed over to incoming when I found them and I switched over to the fly rod. I had fun with them for awhile, keeping a couple before heading back. When I got to open water again the wind was howling but luckily it helped push me back across the bay.

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