Monday, March 8, 2010

Chokoloskee bay and Creeks 3/07

I went out today to do some exploring and to look for fish in some northern sections of Chokoloskee Bay. I launched fairly early to get across the bay. The water is still very cold and the tides seemed screwed up when it should have been an incoming tide it never stopped flowing out till after noon. I ended up riding the tide out in one of the creeks thinking it would change soon which like I said it never did till later. I checked out and fished some deeper holes and caught my share of trout of which I brought a few home for dinner. As the tide changed I drifted back through a different creek towards the bay. The water was very shallow and crystal clear and as I poled down it with the current it was like looking into an aquarium. The creek which was fairly narrow seemed to be loaded with fish, mostly schools of mullet and sheepshead but also saw more than a few red fish and a small school of snook, maybe a half dozen swim off near an oyster bar. I was spooking every fish I came across in that water. On the way through I drifted into a small mud bottomed cove and stopped looking in front of me is a large snook facing and staring at me, probably 36" or more, I couldn't believe it. I went through the motions and made a couple of casts but I knew it was useless. She just laughed and swam off into the shadows. It was cool to see that snook and the others. You can be sure I will be heading back to fish this area when conditions change.
Once back in the bay I headed back and on the way stopped at one of the bird rookerys to take a few pictures, which ended up being tough to do as the afternoon winds picked up. The Pelicans are still in full swing and the Egrets are still in the beginning stages of their nesting season. It was a long day but it was worth it. I got back to the launch around 4.

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