Monday, March 1, 2010

Goodland 3/1

We kayak fished in the Goodland area before the weather turns sour again. Another front is going to be coming through. Chris and Rick met me fairly early for a morning of fishing. Rick, my brother-in-law had just flown in from up north needing a break from the winter weather they have been having. This has been a crazy winter here with all the cold fronts but hearing about the cold and all the snow they have been having up north makes me feel a little better about the situation we have been having here. The fishing has not been the greatest but have still always managed to catch fish and to still get to enjoy some real nice days on the water.

We covered a large area today looking for fish. There was a full moon negative tide and a lot of times we were paddling in inches of water.The air temperature was around 40 early and the water seemed just as cold and mostly clear. It doesn't sound very inviting but we still had a great morning in sunny conditions and even managed to catch a few fish. Some of the fish caught today were snook, silver trout and lady fish.

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