Friday, March 12, 2010

Windy Thursday 3/11

Today I did a fishing trip for EKF taking out Charlie Rabeni and Bill Taylor both highly respected in their fields in biology with the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife.The forecast for today was calling for high winds with rain showers. We lucked out with the rain with a couple of small showers but the winds blew pretty much all day with gusts at maybe 30mph. For the best option today I decided to head into the maze of mangrove islands and fish areas that I knew could hold fish at the same time places where we could use the islands for protection from the winds. By days end we covered around eight miles paddling in a large loop fishing our way at the various locations I had picked out. We fishing at the least ten different spots. The fishing was tough between the weather and a very fast incoming tide but in a couple of the spots everyone managed to enjoy catching some fish, which were mostly trout. Bill ended up with the largest fish, a nice gator trout close to 24", which was a bit of a challenge as he was fishing with lighter gear with either 6 or maybe 8lb mono around some oyster bars. It turned out to be a great day even with considering the conditions. We ended the day around 4.

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