Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 2 with Tim

On day two the conditions were better and we going out to the gulf. Launching early in Chokoloskee and getting into one of the rivers we were able to ride the tide out and fish as we went. First cast of the day on a top water plug Tim caught a nice size trout. We proceeded to fish a few different locations as we basically drifted out towards the gulf. I was hoping to see a few Tarpon but to no avail. We ended up out at Demi John Key, a barrier island and spent a lot of time there fishing the area. There are opportunities to fish the area in different situations, including flats, mangrove shorelines and deeper water and we did them all. Again no tarpon but there were a couple of large breeder snook feeding on baitfish who ignored us. A few different species of fish were caught today and after another great time we made it back to Choko in the late afternoon.

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