Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 3 with Tim

On day three we headed up to the Goodland area to fish and we met up with a couple of my fishing buddies from Naples. There are some beautiful backwater areas to fish in Goodland and even though it’s near more urban areas fishing can be very good. Tim got to see how urban it is when we and every living thing around were interrupted a few times by airboat and Jet Ski tours. (Being in the Ten Thousand Island Wildlife Refuge which is managed by The Rookery Bay Research Reserve it’s a tragedy that this is being allowed but this a story for another day). We traveled over a large area today and other than the interruptions we caught some nice fish, including a couple of reds. I think Tim got a good taste of what the Everglades area of Florida is like even with just touching the surface and I’m sure he’s thinking about his next trip back to the area.

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