Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fishing the Everglades with Tim Hansen

I had been corresponding with Tim Hansen, from the Des Moines area of Iowa who had been interested in checking out the Everglades. Tim had originally wanted to do a camping trip to do some kayak fishing and experience the Everglades first hand but for various reasons the camping trip couldn’t be arranged. Instead Tim decided to do some day trips and so he flew in and over the course of three days I showed him around the area.

On the first day we got an early start and due to some windy conditions I decided to bring Tim into some backcountry areas and we proceeded to explore and fish a couple different locations in Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve. At the first stop the fishing was a little slow, but Tim got his first close up look at gators, tarpon roll and some of the birds including tri-colored herons that are starting to nest. Late morning we loaded up and headed to the next location a few miles up the road and we launched through the saw grass to a series of lakes. We fished a large area and Tim caught himself his first couple of snook. We fished hard all day with few rewards but it was still a great day and Tim now had a good idea about the backcountry in the Everglades.

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