Friday, April 9, 2010

Fakahatchee 4/09

For about a week now the day time temperatures have finally been back into the eighties and water temps are now up in the seventies. It's still a bit windy which has made it tough to kayak fish some more open areas but there are still plenty of protected places to go in the back country. With the warm weather comes the mosquitoes and noseeums and I decided before they get unbearable to go in and check out an area in Fakahatchee Strand to see how the fishing was. I invited Mike and Chris to go who had never seen this area before. Launching through the saw grass we made our way to some small lakes and rivers. I was surprised not to see many gators which was nice as they are starting their mating season and can be a little unpredictable during the next few months. I did see one manatee in one of the creeks. As we made our way through the area which ended up being only a couple of miles each way, we were in there for most of the day and fished a few different spots. The fish of the day were the snook and being modest with an estimate on how many we caught I would say around 40 fish. Most fish were between 12 and 18 inches, a couple less and a few over 20 but it was a lot of fun with the little guys who were very aggressive. Other than a jack that I caught the snook were pretty much the only species of fish we caught today. Although the area can be tough to access and tolerate with the bugs and heat when summer gets here, I'm sure I'll be going back in there soon again.

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