Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fishing Reports

In conjunction with writing reports of my kayak fishing and exploits here I will also be posting them on an all new web site at . A new site that will be taking fishing and all things related to another level. I will also be contributing articles in the future about kayak fishing and related subjects.

A quote from founder Gary Poyssick about the magazine:

"The team at The Online Fisherman is a widely-varied collection of outdoor writers, professional fishing guides, conservationists, fishing club members, and just plain fishermen and fisherwomen (and fisher-kids, our personal favorites) whose love for the sport and the environment in which we enjoy it is one of the primary blessings of our lives. A site like The Online Fisherman is far from being the work of a single person - or even two or three. Rather it's a community -- a community that grows and evolves with the people who read the content, contribute to the forums we provide, send us pictures, and share their fishing -- and life -- experiences with each other.We're glad you're here -- and in the months and years to come we hope to provide you with the most interesting, educational, meaningful, and entertaining copy about the sport of fishing you'll find anywhere".

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