Friday, May 14, 2010

Snook to Tarpon Morning

I made plans to go up into the back country and look for some larger snook in an area I caught a few over the last week or so. I launched early at sunup and proceeded to fish some of the mangrove lined shorelines soon realizing it was going to be a little tough to fish. The water was way up so the fish were back in the mangroves feeding mostly out of reach, tantalising me as they popped on bait fish. I spent a lot of time fishing with a weedless jig setup casting where I could into openings in the trees and managed to catch some smaller snook but when hooking up a couple of times with bigger fish they managed to throw the hook. (I was using Mustad Power locks w/ DOA shad tails and although I have managed to catch some nice fish I have lost a lot more when using them. I haven't found an alternative setup yet that will work better for these situations).
There were some east winds that picked up through the morning and I noticed tarpon rolling around me at a couple of spots. Smaller ones to juveniles probably around 30 lbs. They stayed around and maybe because of the choppy water they didn't see me and didn't spook or they just didn't care as they were feeding. In between fishing the mangroves I would cast to them and hook up just about every time. I had fun with them but they also managed to throw the hook using those mustads I had been rigged up with. I ended up tying on one of my go to Rapala 'Twitchin Raps and caught 3 small guys before calling it a day. There was a persistent gator around and I probably could have caught more but I was afraid that sooner or later he would get lucky and get to one before I landed it. It was a fun morning!

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