Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chokoloskee Bay 6/5

Saturday morning I decided to go out for a few hours and see how conditions were in the bay. With an incoming tide I launched fairly early and paddled about a mile and a half to get to where I wanted to fish at one of the river mouths. When I arrived just at sunrise the area was going crazy with tons of baitfish and schools of mullet. I could hardly move without the fish nervously reacting around me. Some larger fish around me were having a feeding frenzy which turned to be jacks, ladyfish, and bluefish. I caught a few of each including a couple of trout. I also saw a few mackerel. As the tide came up things slowed down some. I thought for sure there would be sharks in the mix but I never did see any. I also never saw any other game fish like reds or snook. (There are some reports of the reds and some larger snook out around the barrier islands being caught but I'll have to wait till I have an outgoing in the morning to get out there to fish for them) By mid morning I headed back and paddled across the bay with a strong south west wind to help me. Temperatures were close if not into the nineties this morning.

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